Academic degrees:

M.A. (Master of Arts) – Movement Studies and Performance, Dance Pedagogy

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) – Contemporary Dance; Movement Studies and Performance,                              Dance Pedagogy


Eszter Petrány is a Hungarian contemporary dancer, who was born in Szentendre, Hungary in 1991. She started dancing at a young age with ballet, jazz and Hungarian folk dance bases in a school where music and dance were integrated in the everyday education. She continued her dance training later in Budapest where she completed a theatrical dancer faculty. From 2012 she was studying contemporary dance and movement studies (dance pedagogy) at Anton Bruckner University in Linz, Austria and completed her Bachelor studies there in 2016. Over those years Eszter was working with choreographers such as Rose Breuss, Harmen Tromp, Regina van Berkel or Eldad Ben Sasson. Eszter continued her studies as a master student of dance pedagogy from 2016 on and started to work as a freelancer dancer partly with ongoing projects of Rose Breuss, as a company member of Cie Off Verticality Dance and as a guest dancer of Landestheater Linz. During the years of master studies her main interest was musicality and verbality through dance, which she included in her pieces as well as through her teaching practices.

As a next level, Eszter started to research about poetic qualities in art which can be transported as valuable tools for contemporary dancers. She is a big fan of fusion, multimediality and abstraction on stage, she often combines dance with singing or speaking. She has strong passion for creative writing, the last years her texts and manifestos were presented and published on different platforms. Besides dancing, performing and writing, Eszter collaborates with different artists for specific projects, such as ’The Shore of Unspoken’ (Local Artist Award winner at YOUKI Festival, 2018) which was a narrated short film including motion capture technology, or as Christian Heigner’s photography album of collodion photos (2016-2017). Eszter Petrány joined PUC in 2018 and she is currently living and working in Vienna as a freelancer dancer.

Photo©Martin Lippl