Human. Woman. Artist. Dancer… 

The layers of this onion are infinite. The titles and their priorities are often transforming.

One thing is certain, the quality of being a dancer, a performer, a creating person is mine and this quality is truly a beloved one.


Dance performance
WUK, Vienna (AT)
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Dreamscraper is a performative collage that explores the layers of inscription of a female gaze in a contemporary capitalist environment. The piece re-enacts and echoes images, actions and archetypes that pass through a journey of an abstract female protagonist. She is a meeting point of the plurality of external forces but at the same time, a desire of ultimate freedom and independence. Her voice appears to be singular on the exterior and plural on the interior. Once it has been uttered, she enters a loop of transformation that re-defines her standpoint. More:
Production: PUC
Choreography, Performance: Eszter Petrany, Hanna Maria Wimmer, Marina Rützler
Music: Tina Josephine Jaeger, Sopran; Baubo Collective: Lorina Vallaster, Recorder & Anna Maria Niemiec, Violoncello
Text: Forough Farrokhzad
Translation: Shole Wolpe
Composition, Sound: Adrian Artacho, Amir A. Ahmadi
Light Design: Max Windisch-Spoerk
Artistic Direction: Maria Shurkhal
Costumes: Valentina Shurkhal

Green Phantasm

Dance performance
Landestheater Linz (AT)
Dancer, choreographer
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Green Phantasm was the pilot version of Dreamscraper. This piece only included one dancer, an opera singer and two musicians on stage. Later on it expanded and became a full-evening piece (see: Dreamscraper).
Production: PUC
Choreography, Performance: Eszter Petrany, Hanna Maria Wimmer, Marina Rützler
Music: Tina Josephine Jaeger, Sopran; Baubo Collective: Lorina Vallaster, Recorder & Anna Maria Niemiec, Violoncello
Text: Forough Farrokhzad
Translation: Shole Wolpe
Composition, Sound: Amir A. Ahmadi
Artistic Direction: Maria Shurkhal
Costumes: Valentina Shurkhal

SENSES: In Touch

Live performance & video project
Online premiere
Dancer, creator
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Senses is a work that resulted from the collaboration between Pop Up Collective and ensemble Brainchild. The piece consists of five smaller works produced by smaller teams drawn from the larger pool of artists. Each work was initially oriented toward one of the basic senses, but teams were otherwise left free to explore the topic without influence from one another. As the project progressed, it became clear that the senses are not easily divorced from one another. The interplay between the senses became an important theme, with each of the five works offering a different perspective.
Senses was originally conceived as a live performance but later - due to the pandemic situation - turned into a video project. The video artists who joined the project became co-authors of the works, in some cases entirely re-imagining them for the video medium.
Senses creates an imaginative and vivid experience for the viewer and is intended to be available to the young and old, to the experienced and newcomers, to the reason, and to the heart.
Project Team:
Anna Possarnig, Maria Shurkhal, Amir Ahmadi, Max Windisch-Spoerk, Kamil Mrozowski, Michael Gross, Adrián Artacho, Katharina Hochreiter, Joel Diegert, Jörg Ulrich Krah, Eszter Petrany, Mohammad Reza Rasouli, Stefanie Schiefermair, Fedir Shurkhal, Ulrich Kaufmann, Michelle Abert, Sigrid Friedmann, Christoph Pichler, Tamara Holzweber.
Brainchild is a trio that brings together three different, but unexpectedly compatible instruments. While the saxophone is associated with jazz music, the cello with the classics, and computer music with the cutting edge of modern music, the three melt together into a chamber music ensemble nothing like its individual elements.
Partners of the project:
Senses was developed with the support of Magda’s Ankersaal who selected the project for the Open Ankersaal call in 2020, as well as the Huggy Bears Program, where PUC is the resident artist in season 2020/21. Besides that, the artists created an engagement frame that integrates the youth of Superar. Next to that, the project has received support from Stadt Wien Kultur (MA 7), Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport, Land Kärnten, Vienna Section - International Dance Council CID.

Bruckner getanzt

Dance performance
Brucknertage, St. Florian (AT),
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Choreography: Rose Breuss
Music: Anton Bruckner -
Symphony Nr. 2
/in C minor for two pianos/

Ashleigh Cooper,
Kai Chun Chuang,
Pablo Delgado Flores,
Shao Yang Hsieh,
Berenice Arias Leal,
Marcela Mariana López Morales,
Jerca Roznik Novak,
Eszter Petrány
Maria Shurkhal,
Vesna Tepic,
DaJeong Yu

Till Alexander Körber,
Oleksandr Popov

@solo tänze

Concert and Dance performance
Wien Modern, Studio Molière Vienna (AT),
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Full title: @solo.tänze. Clemens Gadenstätter + Rose Breuss Production Wien Modern Composition: Clemens Gadenstätter
Choreography: Rose Breuss Words are the last things needed here. Perhaps you should read this text with your eyes shut. The music of Clemens Gadenstätter is »understood« best by »listening to it, outside of the conceptual«. Or to put it in a nutshell: by »grasping« it. A violin, a bow, hands, body, touch, movement. A wind instrument, lips, oral cavity, muscle tension, articulation, lines, nuances of taste, bitter, sour, spicy. An accordion, arms, sensations, a personality, An electric guitar, effects equipment on the floor, a polyphony of four limbs, choreography,composition,combination of the possibility of the senses, ear, eye, perception of the body, touch, taste. Five portraits, self-portraits, studies for solo instruments, for special musicians, dancers, an anthropology of words. »I see these pieces as attempts to come close to an ‹anthropology as perception of sound› – an idea that is central to my composition in recent years.« (Clemens Gadenstätter)
Yaron Deutsch, E-Gitarre
Olivia De Prato, Violine
Theo Nabicht, Kontrabassklarinette
Teodoro Anzellotti, Akkordeon
Antonio Politano, Flöte
Damian Cortes Alberti, Tanz
Julia Mach, Tanz
Eszter Petrány, Tanz
Maria Shurkhal, Tanz
Andressa Miyazato, Tanz

The Man from Midian

Dance performance
Avril en Danza, Teatro Arniches, Alicante (ES)

Das Tagebuch der
Anne Frank

Linz (AT), Sochi (RU)
Soloist dancer, Choreographer
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Music: Grigori Frid
Conducting: Junihiro Watahiki
Directing, scenario : Peter Pawlik
Choreography: Eszter Petrány -
in collaboration with Rose Breuss
Anne Frank (Soprano) : Stela Dicusara, Akine Matsumoto , Maria Frauscher
Anne Frank (Dance): Eszter Petrány
The piece was created in a co-production of the Musictheater Studios and the Institute of Dance Arts at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität.

Bauhaus Tanzt

Dance performance by PUC
Vienna (AT), Frankfurt (DE), Kiev (UA),
Vinnitsa (UA), Mariupol (UA)
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Bauhaus Tanzt is an experimental reflection on the Triadic ballet created in 1922. In our approach we relate to the method that Oscar Schlemmer suggested himself: a practical study of artist’s theory towards the historical context on stage. Most of the Schlemmer’s performative works are based on very simple and classical steps and techniques. What challenges aesthetics is the context in which the dance is being presented. We neglect the traditional approach to Schlemmer’s work that presents a dancer as a tool for bringing a costume alive and we believe that the body is a central medium in artist’s work.
Concept: PUC
Music: John Cage, Amir Ahmadi
Choreography and dance: Paula Dominici, Anna Possarnig, Maria Shurkhal, Eszter Petrány
Costume: OVA.L

Time's up!

Dance solo by Eszter Petrány
Linz (AT), Skopje (MK)
Performer, Choreographer
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Reflecting on the political tendencies of the past 10 years, ’Time’s up!’ shows the pressure and regression that shadows several countries and cultures. One always has to know what gives safe, comfort and freedom, the definition of Home has to be clarified and found in every individuum and every now and then we have to stop and go back to the roots in order to breathe. In order to think. In order to close out all the brainwashing sentences. In this piece, a small balcony serves as my Garden Eden, a place where it is allowed to sing in my own language, without prejudices. And what is all the rest? First it is a manipulation, then a fight and finally a revolution. Donald Trump’s tragicomic sentences give a perfectly plastic, transparent surface, either literally or methaphorically. We all need a sense of humour to understand our tragedies, and these tragedies follow a very similar sample. Whether you come from a poor village of Hungary or from a wealthy city of Austria, whether your president is Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong-un. Breathe, think and act. And if you need to close out all the noise for a moment in order to do that, find your own Garden Eden first. Everyone deserves that.

Intricate Trajectories

Dance piece by Cie. Off Verticality, Rose Breuss Linz, Vienna (AT), Bratislava (SK), Alicante (ES)
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Choreography: Rose Breuss Dancers: Boglárka Heim, Eszter Petrány, Maria Shurkhal Intricate trajectories addresses the subjective matter of the late nineteenth century inventions of hysteria through a diverse physical interpretation. The core sources of the research are the records of Iconographie photographique de la Salpetriere read through a prism of Aby Warburg’s iconology method. The dancers embody the “life” of images and translate visual expressions into choreographic ones. The piece is a study of the subtile space between the rational and irrational forces of the psyche.

Der Kaiser von Atlantis

International Brucknerfest, Linz (AT)
Soloist dancer
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Music: Victor Ullmann
Directing: Thomas Kerbl
Conducting: Tobias Wögerer
Choreography: Bruno Genty, Rose Breuss
Kaiser Overall: Matthias Helm (Bariton)
Der Tod: Robert Holzer (Bass)
Harlekin: Michael Nowak (Tenor)
Harlekin (Soloist dancer): Eszter Petrány
Ein Soldat: Ivan Benitez (Tenor)
Bubikopf/ein Soldat: Ilia Vierlinger (Sopran)
Der Trommler: Inna Savchenko (Mezzosopran)
Der Lautsprecher - Thomas Schneider (Bass)
Der Sprecher - Sven Sorring


Dance piece by Cie. Off Verticality, Rose Breuss
Linz (AT), St. Florian (AT), Grein (AT)
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A production of IDA Dance Research LAB of Anton Bruckner University and Cie. Off Verticality.
Choreography: Rose Breuss
Dancers: Paula Dominici, Boglárka Heim, Kamil Mrozowski, Szymon Pasterski, Eszter Petrány, Oliver Plačko, Maria Shurkhal
Music:Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer – Suite Uranie aus dem Musicalischen Parnassus
Johann Pachelbel – Aria Quarta aus dem Hexachordum Apollinis
Cembalo: Philipp Sonntag


Dance theatre, interdisciplinary art
Vienna (AT), Bolzano (IT)
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A creation by Cie. Off Verticality and PHACE
In H / A / U / T , Rose Breuss, Jagoda Szmytka and PHACE play with sounds, images and noises and examine the materiality of sound. „Sound touches the skin, penetrates cloth, gets into the bones. It’s intermediate. Bodies immersed in sound are not only touched; they coalesce with the sound“.
Music: Jagoda Szymtka
Choreography: Rose Breuss
Dancers: Paula Dominici, Kamil Mrozowski, Szymon Pasterski, Eszter Petrány, Oliver Plačko, Maria Shurkhal
Idea: Reinhard Fuchs
Sound design: Christina Bauer
Sylvie Lacroix, flute
Yaron Deutsch, electric guitar
Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano/sampler
Berndt Thurner, percussion
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Sophia Goidinger-Koch, viola
Roland Schueler, cello

H/A/UT is a production by PHACE and Cie. Off Verticality, in coproduction with Musiktheatertage Wien, supported by BKA Kunst & Kultur, Stadt Wien, Land Oberösterreich and Stadt Linz. Kindly supported by Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität.

A Kind of Blue

Dance solo
Linz (AT)
Dancer, Choreographer
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Concept and dance: Eszter Petrány
Music: Nicolas Jaar and Philipp Wohofsky

Memories. Some of them stay strong, some get blurry. Was it really me, or do I remember from a movie? Did I really feel like this? Did this mood exist, or did I just invent it for my own comfort? Thoughts, moods, memories. Blue ones.

A Place Near the Table

Dance piece by Eldad Ben Sasson
Linz (AT)
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Choreography: Eldad Ben Sasson
Music: Maurice Ravel, Bolero - conductor: Herbert von Karajan
Dancers: Sonsoles Alonso, Judith Bohlen, Bozhidara Boyadzhieva, Veronika Čimborová, Alja Ferjan, Ursula Graber, Elsa Mourlam, Eszter Petrány, Jerca Rožnik Novak, Jacqueline Schiller, Liis Sitan, Vilte Svarplyte